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March 2011



Test Yourself

Test Yourself has been named the 3rd Best-Selling Indie PSN Game of 2011!

Ever wondered who you really are and what you are meant to do? Test Yourself is a series of interactive psychological tests that combine science and fun and give you real scientific-based analysis of each aspect of your personality. Developed with the help of psychology experts, Test Yourself measures 12 different aspects of You – and provides a professional mental assessment on each block, as well, as a full psychological portrait and recommendations after completing all the blocks.

Key Game Features

  • Learn about yourself – Complete all 12 blocks of tests to receive an accurate and understandable psychological portrait. Test Yourself isn’t just a game, it’s a tool.
  • Developed alongside professionals – Enjoy and learn from accurate assessments of yourself.
  • Improve your scores – Not satisfied with your results? Don’t worry. You can practice each of these tests in a training session.

Test Yourself Now Available for Mobile Devices

Now you can put Yourself to the Test anytime and anywhere with the Test Yourself series of apps for your mobile device. Each category of tests from the original Test Yourself (Intelligence, Nervous System, etc.) has been adapted to become its own individual "Boost" app (Boost Your Intelligence, Boost Your Reactions, etc.) able to provide you with professional assessments of your psychological attributes on the go. With multiple versions optimized for graphics quality and performance across multiple platforms, whether you own an iPad, iPhone, or Android device you can capture the same Test Yourself experience and start boosting yourself today!

                                  Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase



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